IVF Support

Diana works with women whose journey involves IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) alongside their reproductive specialist.  Starting on the IVF path can be a difficult decision for some, and the process can be physically and emotionally stressful.   Many health practitioners commonly recommend acupuncture combined with IVF treatment. 

Acupuncture and IVF: Research

There is ongoing research into the effectiveness of acupuncture combined with IVF treatment.  Studies have found acupuncture to be effective when used on the day of IVF transfer.  Similarly studies have shown that acupuncture improves the clinical pregnancy rate among women undergoing IVF.  

Diana suggests undergoing acupuncture throughout the IVF journey. 

Prior to Starting Your IVF Cycle

During the Stimulation Phase

Acupuncture after Egg Collection

On the Day of Embryo Transfer : pre and post transfer acupuncture

One Week after Embryo Transfer


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